F|W 2019

Aconitum collection

Alon Livne's Fall-Winter 2019 collection was inspired by a historical tale that took place in 1590's Scotland. The story goes that a group of women, led by Agnes Sampson, were charged by the then King of Scotland, James the 6th, for the use of witchcraft and treason. The group was blamed for causing dangerous storms at sea that caused the king's ships to drown, doing so by holding Satanic rituals that included sex, dancing and summoning of The Devil during which they were marked by him in their intimate areas.

It is said that when these marks were found on the women's bodies they were seen as the final proof of their guilt and were all executed as witches. Rumor has it that Sampson's ghost haunts the palace gardens to this day.

The collection is called "Aconitum", based on the famous flower known for its seductive burgundy petals. Also known as "The Devil's Helmet", this venomous flower's pollen was used to craft poisons in the Middle Ages.

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